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Nursing at MMC

Clinical Nurse Advancement Program

2005 Clinical Nurse Advancements
Clinical Nurse Advancement Council
The Maine Medical Center Clinical Nursing Advancement Program formally recognizes and rewards increasing levels of nursing clinical expertise and commitment to patient care, Maine Medical Center, and the nursing profession.  Through this program, pr

Click on the above to view the nurses who advanced in Clinical Nurse Advancement Program in 2005!

ofessional nurses are provided opportunity for career development and recognition for advancement in their area of practice.

The implementation and maintenance of the Clinical Nursing Advancement Program enhances the hospital's ability to recruit and retain professional nurses who, in turn, contribute to the achievement of quality patient outcomes. 

The program is designed for Maine Medical Center Clinical Nurses who work 20 or more scheduled hours per week and who meet defined the criteria for clinical advancement.  The program is a house-wide peer review process that occurs following endorsement of the candidate by the Nursing Director/Nurse Manager.

Objectives of the program include:

  • Recognize and reward Clinical Nurses for expertise in clinical practice.
  • Recruit and retain Clinical Nurses in clinical practice.
  • Enhance personal growth and satisfaction of Clinical Nurses.
  • Promote the ongoing professional development of Clinical Nurses.
  • Provide for formal advancement of Clinical Nurses who practice at the bedside.
  • Provide variety and diversity in clinical practice options for Clinical Nurses.
  • Create an environment that promotes a high level of quality patient and family care.

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